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What is VR Training, and why is it better than the traditional one?

What is VR Training, and why is it better than the traditional one?

We learn new things for as long as we live. Even after completing formal education, we absorb further information or consolidate those we already possess. Thanks to this, we can develop professionally and as a person. But what to do when what we learn requires absolute precision at the first attempt, without the possibility of repeating?

In this article, you will learn:

  • What is VR training?
  • Who can benefit from VR training?
  • How much does VR training cost?
  • What are the advantages of VR training?

What is VR training?

Training in virtual reality apps is a revolutionary method of learning. The idea is that the user trains in a simulated work environment. Thanks to a properly prepared application, it's enough to put on the goggles, grab the controllers, and go through a detailed tutorial - just like in a video game.

VR training is so practical and precise that they are successfully used in such areas as:

  • Medicine
  • Law enforcement and military
  • Education
  • Astronautics
  • Heavy industry
  • Construction industry

And many, many others!

Doctor wearing VR headset

Who can benefit from VR training?

Pretty much anyone, really! VR works perfectly as a modern and effective tool for learning practically anything. No matter what the company or institution does, there will always be a need for a new employee, regular practice of complex or even dangerous maneuvers by different services, or simply unconventional ways to get students interested.

How much does VR training cost?

Preparing VR training takes some time, and the costs of creating such a course by studios dealing with VR technology are a very individual matter. Despite that, thanks to developing leading technologies, such as Unity or Unreal Engine, creating applications and games for VR goggles is becoming more accessible, faster, and cheaper.

The price depends mainly on:

  • The precision of copying objects to virtual space
  • The complexity of interactions
  • An application development plan in the future
  • Frequency of course updates

We also need to buy VR headsets - fortunately, these are not a huge expense. Prices of the cheapest models of leading manufacturers start from less than USD 299. However, we should keep in mind that very precise maneuvers may require special controllers, for example, ones that allow tracking the position of all fingers individually, and these are much more expensive than the basic VR controllers for games.

Turbine simulation in Virtual Reality

What are the advantages of VR training?

The simulation puts the user in a world that faithfully reflects the actual working conditions with all the nuances that may unexpectedly appear during business activities.

What does this mean in practice?

  • Security. Practicing complex surgeries or operating dangerous machinery will not endanger anyone's health or life.

Lack of stress. If something goes wrong, you can simply restart the simulation instead of replacing equipment worth thousands or even millions of dollars.

  • New perspective. Pupils and students will have the opportunity to experience the reconstruction of historical events with their own eyes or improve themselves in their future profession. Virtual reality can effectively attract attention to a selected topic or career path by providing specific experiences instead of meaningless slogans.
  • Greater self-confidence. The theory is entirely different from practice. It is easier to repeat an activity once performed than to be thrown into deep water armed only with the knowledge from the textbook. VR training is similar to video games.
  • Greater commitment. VR training is similar to playing video games. And as you probably know, learning through fun activities is the best way to understand complex things effectively.
  • Development of good habits. Thanks to practical exercises, the trainee acquires reflexes allowing for safer and more efficient work and is also prepared to make quick, spontaneous decisions.

The conclusion seems that training via the VR application is the future of learning specialized skills and more. VR training is an effective tool for acquiring practical knowledge in a safe and stress-free environment. It is a new way for teachers and university lecturers to attract students to the discussed topic and prepare them to work in their future professions. The potential of VR technology is vast, and it can be used in almost every industry. If you are looking for an innovative method of training that won't rely solely on reading manuals and textbooks, perhaps VR training will be the perfect solution for you?

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