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How to Pitch a Video Game? All You Need to Know

How to Pitch a Video Game? All You Need to Know

Everyone has dreamed of creating their own game at least once in their life. However, few people know that a good idea and best intentions are not enough to make a game. The most common problem is finding investors whom you first need to convince of your idea so that they want to put out money. Before you start your adventure with game production, you need to outline your vision in the form of a pitch.

In this article:

  • What is a game pitch?
  • What to pay attention to when pitching a game?
  • The most important elements of a game pitch
  • How to behave during a game pitch presentation?

What is a game pitch?

Pitch deck is a short document or presentation intended to briefly explain the most basic premise of the game. What will the title be? Where is the action taking place? How big is this game supposed to be? Why would anyone be interested in it? This information is necessary to determine whether the idea is worth investing in at all, and whether the production team is capable of producing the game. However, it is worth thinking about securing your idea against theft before you present it to potential investors.

What to pay attention to when pitching a game?

Elevator Pitch

Elevator Pitch is a metaphor for a very brief and concise presentation of a person, company, or product (as if we had to finish speaking before the elevator reaches the floor). The most important thing is that the presentation is as brief, understandable, and intriguing as possible. At this stage it is completely irrelevant who will betray the main character at the end of the game, or why "the Great Cataclysm" occurred. Don't go into detail. Write in sentence equivalents or keywords. The person you are giving a presentation to is only supposed to have a general overview of what will happen in the game.

Be sure of your ideas

Game development is a process. The final product will never be exactly what it was meant to be at the beginning. Even so, you have to make some absolutely basic decisions at the pitching stage of the game. If you are unsure whether the game should be first-person or third-person, you still need to fine-tune your idea.

Fun comes first!

Games are meant to be fun. All decisions made during development should primarily serve the gameplay. Even if we're talking about planning the most realistic military shooter there is, you have to make some compromises to get it played well. If you overdo it, you'll get a frustrating simulator, not an entertainment product.

Presenting a character design

The most important elements of a game pitch:

The hook of the game

You need to explain in what ways your game is going to stand out from thousands of others on the market. What makes someone reach for it?

Player’s objective

What is the player's long-term goal? What activities make up the basic gameplay loop? What is supposed to encourage achieving this goal? Remember that an incentive can come from, for example, an interesting storyline, or a satisfying character development system.

Brief story outline

Who is the player character? Who is he fighting? What are the realities of the game? Choose keywords that best describe these aspects so that the audience has an idea of ​​what you are talking about.

The genre of the game and target audience

Video games are a product like any other - they are made to earn money. This means you need to know what audience to target. Think of it this way:

  • Is it supposed to be a relaxing, colorful game that even the youngest can play?
  • Or maybe a brutal action game only for adults?
  • Will it be an RPG for fans of intriguing hours-long storylines?
  • Or an online shooter perfect for short sessions for busy people?

Defining your target audience helps you make some creative decisions and sets clear boundaries for what can be put in the game.

References to other games and mockups

Operate with references to other games. If you have concept arts or screenshots of game prototypes, that's even better! This way, the audience of the presentation will understand your idea much easier.

Target systems and technologies

A very important point. Different platforms mean different methods of monetizing the game, as well as completely different control methods and technological limitations. Your game may be completely unplayable on consoles, but it might turn out to be a VR hit.

Game mechanics

List only the key mechanics that are absolutely essential to understanding the game's identity and the gameplay loop. The game will not sell with the possibility to look around with a camera, but an interesting combat system - by all means. Focus on what is unique to your game.

Making design notes

How to behave during a game pitch presentation?

Acquiring investors is one of the key stages of game production, and one of the most difficult. Therefore, an interesting and concise presentation may determine whether or not the entire project may be. When showing your idea, stay calm, be polite, and try to speak confidently in your voice. Present yourself as a person worth working with. The people you are giving a presentation to will certainly have a few questions for you - think about what they might ask in advance. For example, they may want to know:

  • How much do you estimate the production will cost?
  • How long will the production take?
  • How big is the team?
  • How are you going to promote the game?
  • How many copies are you planning to sell?
  • Why did you choose this and not another target platform?

It is also worth preparing a printed copy of the pitch deck, as well as key arts or other promotional materials, if you have any.

The most important thing is to be confident in your project and to be able to present it well in the most concise way possible - if it is interesting and feasible, you will surely find investors! Good luck! :)

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