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Narru: the Forgotten Lands is a story-driven puzzle game. Become an orb of light that wanders around the island once inhabited by a mysterious civilization and discover a story of its disappearance. Search the ruins to enter a memories dimension and discover the story of people who are no more. Coming soon!

Technology used

Unity / HDRP
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Paint the world with life

Bring the earth back to life wherever you go. Orb's life-giving power nourishes the ground and leaves a trail of grass and flowers wherever it goes. You are the brush, and the world is your canvas—only you can make everything teem with life once again.

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Explore primeval world

Travel through forests, seas, mountains, and undergrounds to explore different stages of the civilization's development. The ruins will tell you a story of human nature and ambition. Pause for a moment to hear the whispers of souls enchanted in the stone.

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Solve unique puzzles

In the past, great care was taken to ensure that the most valuable secrets could only fall into the right hands. That's why you will come across numerous puzzles, secret passages, and obstacles on your way to uncover their precious knowledge.

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Seek ancient knowledge

Learn the story of an ancient civilization. The goddess created and guided human tribes so they could study and shape the world. They lived and learned until one day, the whole of humanity perished. Uncover the secrets hidden in ruins and faraway lands to find out the truth about their extinction.