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Medieval Warmia and Masuria is a VR game that takes learning to an entirely new level. The game features different medieval activities and 3D models of authentic museum exhibits. All was created in close cooperation with historians to best reflect the realism of the Middle Ages.

Technology used

Unity / Oculus Rift / HTC Vive

Immersive Learning Experience

Highly interactive environment allows to fully immerse into the medieval world. Experiencing the history is much more efficient and memorable than just observing it. Therefore, VR is a strong competitor to traditional teaching and training methods. Learn by experience - try VR educational games

Truly Medieval Activities

Taste the real medieval life and activities with this exceptional VR experience. With highly realistic physics and equipment, you can try yourself in archery, pottery making, or even treasure hunting. In Virtual Reality, you can dive into the past - no dangers, no mess, just fun.

Historical authenticity

The project was developed in close collaboration with historians to ensure the most authentic and reliable experience possible. Consequently, the game is not only interactive and enjoyable, but it also shows the real Middle Ages environment and activities in the most memorable way.

Authentic exhibitions as 3D models

The players have a chance to examine the exact reflections of real middle ages exhibitions. Every object from the actual museum has been rendered using photogrammetry and added to the virtual Middle Ages world.